Putting People First

PAM has always been committed to the advancement of all of our people. PAM created an environment which enabled the people to develop a spirit of entrepreneurship and self-reliance, leading to an improved quality of life and standard of living.



PAM’s Mission is to safeguard the gains of the Nation, protect and provide for all citizens, and strengthen the democratic institutions, processes, and values of the state, for a better future for all.


PAM envisions a St. Kitts and Nevis in which each citizen has equitable access to, and can receive their fair share of the country’s resources to pursue and fulfill their destiny, thus creating a developed and prosperous St. Kitts and Nevis, for all.


PAM’s inspiration lies in the people we are called to serve by virtue of our representation in parliament. We are committed to equity, inclusivity, and transparency in the delivery of services to citizens, regardless of geography, circumstances, social status, political and other affiliations. 

We are committed to forging partnerships that prioritize and empower the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, as the centerpiece of our democracy.

Keeping the Promise

PAM is determined to safeguard the gains of the nation, and to keep our promise to always prioritize people and their interests—to listen and stay true to the people that we are called to represent. 

We stand on our core values of INCLUSIVITY, in which government must represent all citizens, and must administer plans and programmes according to the highest ethical standards, with INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY, for the good of all citizens.

PAM believes that the times necessitate unity of partnerships and innovative approaches to solve the problems that the Nation faces, and set us on a path to true and sustainable prosperity.

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